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3.5mm Jack Board

3.5mm Jack Board

Latest version now in RED!

A simple but very useful PCB supporting up to five 3.5mm Cliff Jack sockets on a 20mm pitch, bringing them to a single 10-way IDC header. Avoids tedious and error-prone hand-wiring of panel jacks.

The PCB measures 100mm x 21.8mm. It is double-sided 1oz FR4 fibre-glass through-hole plated (PTH), lead-free RoHS-compliant tin-plated, with green soldermask and white silkscreen legend.

Suitable jack sockets (Cliff FCR1281) are available from Rapid Electronics, and JPR Electronics in the UK, and various other suppliers worldwide.

One very useful feature of this PCB is the flexible normalising connections. Jack socket pairs A/B and D/E are link-selectable, while socket C has its own dedicated normal connection. The A/B and D/E pairs can also be normalised to each other (A-to-B, D-to-E), for example an output could be routed to an input unless a plug is inserted into either socket.

Connections to the IDC header are:

A tip12A/B normal
B tip34GND
C tip56C normal
D tip78GND
E tip910D/E normal

Note: the photo shows both a plain unpopulated PCB and a fully-populated PCB for comparison.