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16mm Pot Bracket

Pot Bracket

It is not recommended to rely only on the pot pins to hold the PCB to the panel. They are fragile, and when transporting your modular system mechanical vibration can cause solder joints to fail and pins to break. These brackets provide the required mechanical support, leaving the pot pins to carry electrical signals and not mechanical forces.

Pot brackets are used by Oakley, Doepfer and many other professional Eurorack manufacturers to build robust modules. The original OMEG pot brackets are suitable for 16mm commercial-style pots (OMEG, Alpha, Alps, etc).

Thanks to a very helpful customer here are 3D CAD models of the Omeg pot bracket in IGS and STP formats. While we cannot vouch for the accuracy of these models we do know they were produced from official Omeg 2D drawings.

You can buy these brackets for your own projects from SoundTronics (Pot Brackets).